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Assertiveness Tip 1


You don’t have to justify how you feel

You are responsible

I notice, I interpret

Faulty thinking

Persist – like when training a puppy!

Your daily refresher

How to change yourself – the first way

How to change yourself – the second way

Being yourself

It’s never too late to go back

Banish guilt from your life

Aggression – it might be you!

You reap what you sow

Psychological games players

There are always two ways to see things - examples

Start small and build up

You don't have to justify how you feel! try not giving reasons for things but just saying "well, that's just how I feel" because there's no law that says you a have to have a logical reason for what you do, feel or say.

In fact, it's much harder for them to argue with how you feel than with a logical position. experiment and have fun! 

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