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Assertiveness Tip 10


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You are responsible

I notice, I interpret

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Its never too late to go back

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There are always two ways to see things - examples

Start small and build up

It's never too late to go back

Review your day or your week so far - have you been a bit too much of a doormat at all, or conversely have you been aggressive when you could have just been assertive? If it was doormat, there are two things you could do - go back to them now and say "I've been thinking about what happened and I'm not happy... and this is what I want...." or, secondly, to at least plan what you are going to say or do next time it happens.

Try actually writing down what you'll say - you won't actually use these notes of course, but it'll help you get the words really clear in your mind.

If you were a bit aggressive, you could consider apologising (while remaining assertive - "I was a bit short tempered there, though what you did was wrong, and this is what I think we should do about the situation"), or you could plan what you will do next time the situation comes up.

So there you have it - it's never too late to learn from something, and it's also never too late and put it right. "I've been thinking about what happened and I'm not happy..."

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