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Assertiveness Tip 13


You dont have to justify how you feel

You are responsible

I notice, I interpret

Faulty thinking

Persist like when training a puppy!

Your daily refresher

How to change yourself the first way

How to change yourself the second way

Being yourself

Its never too late to go back

Banish guilt from your life

Aggression it might be you!

You reap what you sow

Psychological games players

There are always two ways to see things - examples

Start small and build up

Would you like to be more popular, more respected, have more friends, etc?

Well, an interesting principle to think about is: You reap what you sow.

To have a friend, be a friend.
To be respected, respect them.
To be trusted, trust them.
To be understood, seek to understand.
To be listened to, listen to them.
To be liked, like them.
To make them interested in you, be interested in them.

I know this sounds quite obvious, but most of us are not very good at it! For example, to trust people before they prove they are trustworthy is a bit scary! And trying to understand them before trying to broadcast our own message goes against the grain sometimes.

Might be food for thought.....


PS - if anyone has any good pairings to add, like "to be loved, love" or "to be free, let others be free" (can you apply this to delegating?) or "to be taken for granted, take for granted" then do mail them to me. Thanks!

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