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As important as the product or service itself

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Customer Care as important as the product itself!

have you ever been into a shop, where they have spent millions on the building, the design of the interior, brand and product advertising, designing and stock control of the product, and employing the staff..... and then they blow it by the person behind the counter being miserable or scruffy or unhelpful or helpful-but-knows-nothing? and all you people out there from service sector organisations aren't off the hook either! Whether it's a doctor or a council planning department or an insurance company, the quality of what you do is a) assumed and b) can't be measured very easily by the customer. They judge you by the service, which they CAN easily assess. For example - your GP. Is he or she any good? Give them a mark out of ten. Now, what was that mark based on? Probably not their medical skill - more likely on whether you can get to see them easily, whether you have to queue, whether they smile when you come in (or are they writing up the notes for the previous patient without looking up), whether they remember you, or perhaps whether they have cold hands? So: as well as getting your product or service right it's worth thinking about the customer service stuff that goes with it. Perhaps even asking your customers how you're doing?

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