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Customer Care Tip 2


As important as the product or service itself

A customer service quiz for you

Why customers leave

Giving your name

The value of a customer

Why be nice?

Being an unofficial mystery shopper

Finding ways to delight your customers

A process for keeping it going

The role of management in customer service

An idea for how to deal with bad service

Here are some questions for you!!

Do you know what percentage of your customers you keep each year?
Yes / No

Do you know what percentage of your customers you lose each year?
Yes / No

Do you know the top three reasons your customers leave?
Yes / No

Do you know what your customers' number 1 expectation is?
Yes / No

In the last three months have you personally contacted any former customers to find our why they left you?
Yes / No

Have you ever calculated what the life-time value of a typical one of your customers is?
Yes / No

Do you have written customer service quality standards?
Yes / No

Do you articulate your customer service quality standards in understandable and measurable terms to employees and customers?
Yes / No

In the last six months have you checked to see if any of your customers' expectations have changed?
Yes / No

Do you know how many members of your staff serve internal vs. external customers?
Yes / No

Are any of your customer service performance standards tied in with incentive programs?
Yes / No

Is everyone in the organization required to take a minimum number of hours of Customer Care training each year?
Yes / No

I think you can work out your own score and what to do about it!

Sorry to depress you, but this is important stuff!


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