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Perceived Indifference

Customer Care is one of the most easily neglected areas and yet it's vitally important, so I hope these tips are helpful. As well as concentrating on getting your product/service right why not spend a little time today just thinking about how you deliver it. Do you (or your staff) blow it at the last minute? I'll probably have mentioned how at one company (where I was General Manager) we made the best shock absorbers in the world but our delivery driver (unknown to me!) had decided to wear a t-shirt saying "F*** OFF"! Nice one!

When asked, 55% of customer who had changed supplier said they had done so because of "Perceived Indifference". Their supplier hadn't done anything that bad, but hadn't done anything that good either. If your customer thinks you don't really care, they'll have no conscience about going elsewhere

How do they get an impression about whether you care or not?

By all the small things - do you smile when you see them, do you remember things about when you last met, do you always phone them back when they leave a message, do you make a little extra effort to help them, etc? Think about the people who you buy from - do they care? How do you know they do or don't? And then think, do you do these things?

So Perceived Indifference counts for more than Price, Product Quality, Product Range, Premises, Advertising, and Location put together. Scary!

Remember that this is for repeats. When they first shop around it may well be on product or price - but whether they buy the second time, THAT's when perceived indifference comes in. And of course repeat customers are the easiest ones. Getting new customers is very expensive and difficult in comparison.

Note for NHS and LG customers: this still applies to you even though some of you have a kind of monopoly. Whether the second use of your service is done reluctantly or willingly will depend on perceived indifference (or lack of), and you want willing customers because otherwise they'll make your life a misery.

Good customer service means you can be proud of what you do, and maybe even enjoy doing it too!

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