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*** Giving your name ***

When you answer the phone you should give your name: first, second or both names, whichever you feel most comfortable with.

I know it may feel a bit odd (but only to start with) and take a bit longer, but here are the reasons why it's worth doing:

It feels more personal for the customer (and remember that even internal people are your customers)

It's a guarantee of quality: if you're prepared to put your name to the service you are about to give it must be good (how do you feel when you phone a large company and you get someone saying '..... yes?' Well then!)

It shows pride in your work

It gives a professional image

If they know you they'll know for sure that it's you. Otherwise you get 'That's Chris isn't it? Is it? Yes, I knew it was! Oh sorry, I thought you were Chris!' etc

They can request the same person as last time. You may not want them to ask for you personally by name, but it's much better for them to have a human point of contact

They can tell your boss how good you are. Yes! This could happen!

That's it... only a short one this time. But important.

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