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*** The value of a customer ***

Who cares about being nice just for the sake of it? - just think about the money!

(actually, being nice just for the sake of it has its benefits too, but I'll send that at another time)

What do you reckon a customer is worth to you? 500? 1000?? 10,000???

Clearly it depends on your business, but almost certainly it's a lot more than that

For example, suppose you spend 100/week at the supermarket, that's 5,000 per year... so over, let's say 30 years, you'll have spent 150,000. So if they upset you by refusing to refund the yogurt that tasted funny that's cost them a lot more than a yogurt!

(I'm a bit sad, I just did the calculation, it's half a million yogurts)

You could do the same calculation for other services that are provided to the public (trains, garden centres) and for business-to-business where customers are ordering bigger things less often.

Even the NHS and Local Government (hi you lot!) have a financial value to their customers, though it can be harder to get information on. Do you know what it is for you? If not, you could ask you boss maybe?!

In fact, if you're a manager, you might like to do this calculation and publicise it to all your people.

And of course, when you think that each customer tells eleven others you can add another zero on to your calculation!

So the moral is, the small things pay back. But at least they're not expensive to do.

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