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Why be nice?

I get asked this on courses occasionally - if it makes no difference to the money you get paid, or your job security, why should you bother to make an effort with customers who are maybe not the easiest, or who have caught you at an inconvenient moment? Why should someone on fixed pay bother with customer care?

I think the answer is "For yourself"!

Be nice to customers because you'll enjoy your job more if you do

You tend to get back what you give out, so if you're nice to them, they'll be nice to you.

Of course you'll get the occasional one who doesn't play fair - you make a big effort and you get no thanks for it. I was talking to someone from Stewarts Garden Centre in Christchurch recently (have you tried the Lobster Maze yet - brilliant!) whose job it is to rescue people who have got lost in the maze. They wave their flag and she goes and gets them, running down miles of track between the hedges to find them. Not easy to do without getting lost as well! She said that often they are quite rude, having become rather angry (with themselves really!) at being lost in the maze. But she understood that it's nothing personal, and she still took satisfaction from doing her job really well. And I guess that if she hadn't been so nice she'd have had a bad reception from ten out of ten instead of eight out of ten - so it still makes a difference!

Anyway, mostly you will get what you give out, so you'll have a nicer day

You'll also probably have an EASIER day, since if people are in a better mood they tend to be easier and quicker to deal with

And the final reason is that I believe there IS some justice in this world (ha!) and that people who do a better job, people who really care about what they do, will get some sort of reward - maybe they get to be noticed, or promoted, or theirs is the job that gets saved, I don't know, but it seems logical that sooner or later there will be a situation where it might tip the balance. I certainly hope so

But even if nobody ever notices, not your boss, not the customers, do it for yourself

onwards and upwards!

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