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Customer Care Tip 7


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Being an unofficial mystery shopper

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The role of management in customer service

An idea for how to deal with bad service

This month's customer care idea: Be an unofficial mystery shopper all the time!

Whenever you are in a shop, a hotel, on a bus or in a taxi, dealing with a builder, at reception in a big company, being sold double glazing, visiting the doctor or hospital, whatever, have a look at the level of customer care, and afterwards, in your head, give them a mark out of ten. What was really good, if anything? What could they have done better?

If you've got kids, get them to play it as well (mine love it - but then they ARE as sad as me...)

You'll find that as well as picking up ideas this process will make you much more aware of customer care when it comes to your own work.

And also, it's really fun!

onwards and upwards


PS - same applies to Selling. how good were they? Could they have sold you more?

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