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Hi everyone

apparently some of you thought my last tip was going to be my last one ever - sorry if I confused you. It was just the last of my "Instant Guides" (which you can still view in their entirety at Don't worry, I wouldn't desert you all like that! The tips will continue for ever, and never repeat. That's my promise!

So: Customer Care this time. On my course I go on about getting all the basics right, (people expect this) and also delighting the customer with something unexpected.

Thinking of something to delight them with is a creative act, and may not be easy. But it will be worth it if you can do it. And it doesn't need to be expensive either

Examples on my course were things like the builder hoovering up after himself, and the B&B place putting extra fruit out for me.

So the question for you is: "How can we delight our customers?"

Here are some questions to help you think of ideas.

How can we contact them faster, or more often?

When they contact us: can we be easier to get hold of? Could we have on-line enquiries?

Relationships: can we make them more personal?

Extras: what can we give them for free?
Easy ones: coffee, biscuits, chocolate, flowers, newspapers. What else?

Synergy - e.g. discounts with our other products?

What is easy for us to give, yet valuable to them?

Is there information we can give them?

What do they like?

What's important to them?

If they were the queen: what we do for them? How would be treat them? Could we do any of these things for them now?

List everything we do and take it on one step further

What would they not expect, and could we do it?

Creative swiping: what do posh hotels etc do that we could copy?

What's bad about the process for them - and can we help them with it?

Flexibility: could we offer them more choice?

Knowing them as an individual - how can we do this / show that we are doing it?

How would you delight the four different types of person? (Amiable, analytical, controller and enthusiast)

Can we do things differently for just them?(and make sure they know that we are doing this)

What are our rules: and could we sometimes break any of these?

How could we be worse? And do the opposite.

What are our competitors better or worse at?

Think of the silliest ways you could delight your customers - could any of these be adapted to be useful?

If money was no object, what could you do for them? - could any of these be done for free, or almost nothing, if they were adapted in some way?

so there we are: a whole lot of ideas. Why not have a meeting and brainstorm some of these?

(and if anyone has any great ideas for delighting customers, either from the above or they already have them, I'd be fascinated to receive them. I could include them in a future tip, and either quote you or not, whichever you prefer.)

onwards and upwards!


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