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Hi everyone.

you might not like this, but.

Here are some awkward questions for a manager to ask in order to keep themselves and their team ahead of the game. These questions are all about Time:

My time: Am I mostly reactive or am I in control?
Do I spend enough time on getting ahead of the game?
What are my main timewasters?
What can be done to reduce these?
What are my goals for the coming period?
What can't I delegate? (Are you sure??)
Who could I train up to do this work?
Who could I give part of it to?
Is there anything unpleasant or difficult which I'm avoiding at the moment?
Am I adding value today? This month?

Time - other people's: Am they mostly reactive or are they in control?
Do they spend enough time on getting ahead of the game?
What are their main timewasters?

.........and of course it goes without saying: What can you do to improve the answers to these questions?

onwards and upwards!

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