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This month's tip is about finding out what people think of you as a manager, so you can improve we all think we're approachable, but are we? How many of YOUR bosses have been?? And this is only one thing. What about being good at thanking people, a good communicator, good at involving others in your decisions etc. So why not ask people, either to rate you against these, or maybe just "I know I'm a great boss, but how could I be EVEN better?" You could ask your team (yes, even the ones you don't like!) and maybe also your colleagues. Remember you'll have to correct for the "creep factor", so a 6 out of 10 is really a 2, and if they say "well, you could maybe involve us a bit more in some of your decisions" it means you're CRAP at involving people in decisions. Sorry, but there it is. Better to know than not know! And remember that no boss is perfect, so don't take it personally. Just do something about it. Good luck - it'll take courage, but will be worth it!

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