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Hi everyone

something for your office wall.... (feel free to make it fancy, with some nice fonts and a box around it)

From now on I will attempt to manage my team (and work with my colleagues) using the following principles:

1. To keep everyone as informed as possible on current and future events in the rest of the company. If necessary I will take time to find out this information so that I can then pass it on to my team

2. To involve my team in my decisions wherever possible.

3. If they cannot be involved, then to explain the reasons behind all decisions.

4. To allow as many decisions as possible to be made by my team, rather than by me.

5. To receive problems with a positive attitude when they are reported to me.

6. To give people encouragement even if they fail.

7. To make sure that my team know that I appreciate their particular special talents and abilities.

8. To let them know that I am aware of the occasions when they "go the extra mile".

I will take any reminders from my team members that I have temporarily lapsed from the above in a constructive spirit. In fact I will welcome them as a means of keeping me on course toward developing better habits,

Signed: yes! you've got to sign it!

To any other managers who read this: would you like to make a copy for your office wall? If not, why not?


You can change any of the rules, adding new ones or removing any of mine (but why would you do that??)

I hope it reminds you to be a better boss, and also encourages your team to work with you to help you to become the boss that you are capable of becoming...

have fun!.

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