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Negotiation Skills Tip 1



Be nice

Decide to do it

Instead of yes or no

The most important thing to prepare

How to practice without risk

Never go beyond your walk away point

Don’t open first

Instead of complaining

The Flinch

Is it OK to lie?

Why you need a good pack of tradeables

Negotiating internally

Reasons for not negotiating are all false

Walking away – really mean it!

Planning your opening offer

Be nice!

The ideal negotiator is nice, polite, calm, helpful, and looking for (or appears to be looking for) a win/win. Occasionally people can profit from bullying or annoying tactics, but generally these are not a good idea - after all, you probably want them to want to do business with you again in the future. And if it's a one-off you want them to feel like conceding rather than to feel like digging in and give you nothing ("Right, that's it, over my dead body!"). So be nice on the outside, but steely and determined on the inside.·

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