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Negotiation Skills Tip 13



Be nice

Decide to do it

Instead of yes or no

The most important thing to prepare

How to practice without risk

Never go beyond your walk away point

Dont open first

Instead of complaining

The Flinch

Is it OK to lie?

Why you need a good pack of tradeables

Negotiating internally

Reasons for not negotiating are all false

Walking away really mean it!

Planning your opening offer

Reasons for not negotiating are all false!

Think of a sale or purchase that you've got coming up. Make a list of every reason why you might not negotiate. You might include:

Not enough time
Situation not negotiable
Bloke too scary
Woman too scary
Fear of losing the purchase
I can afford it
It's a bargain
Already reduced

Now go through the list and think about how every single one is a false reason!

Here is some help on some of them:

Not enough time - make time! 10 minutes to save £50 is £300/hour. Even I don't get that much!

Situation not negotiable - yeah right! Apart from beans at Tescos, they always are

Bloke too scary - be nice to him when negotiating. Blame yourself for being too poor. Wear running shoes. Or imagine him in just pants, or on the toilet.

Woman too scary - OK you've got me there.

Fear of losing the purchase - you can't, as long as you are a) nice and don't get thrown out and b) prepared to crumble and pay the original asking price if you have to.

I can afford it - so??

It's a bargain - would you like it to be even more of a bargain?

Already reduced = they are keen to sell it + they probably have authority to cut prices.

So: you can do it!

Onwards and upwards


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