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Negotiation Skills Tip 14



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Walking away - really mean it

Hi everyone

I've talked about the importance of having a fixed walk away point on previous tips, but on this one I want to try to explain how it's got to be really strong, in terms of you really meaning it.

Of course you hope you won't have to walk away, but your strength does depend on your being able to if necessary.  And the other person must feel that strength all along, not just when you suddenly reach your limit.

So you need to start with the mental view of "I really hope we get a good deal for both of us, but if not I can and I will walk away".  Visualise yourself walking away from the deal and feeling fine about it.  Tell yourself that you almost want to (think of some benefit  that you'll get from shopping around a bit more, or, if you're selling, from not dealing with this customer after all).  This is a tricky mental balancing act because you also need to visualize it all going well and a great win/win deal being done!

Hope this makes sense

Onwards and upwards
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