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Negotiation Skills Tip 3



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Planning your opening offer

This month's tip is "instead of yes or no" Next time you are being asked to do something and you are about to be weak and say Yes OK when you don't really want to do it, consider negotiating instead. Say "If you... then I...." for example, if you'll make me a mulled wine then I'll hoover the sofa or "if you'll pay me £2000 I'll do it" (being asked to do a Customer Care course for 100 hospital porters in Aberdeen) then if they say No it's not your fault, you've been reasonable and made an offer, they are choosing to not make it happen. And it's quite possible that you'll still end up doing it, but on much better terms. 


Next time you are being asked to do something and you want to say No, rather than shut the door on all progress (and sound aggressive) why not negotiate instead? Think of what would make you do it (for example being paid £2000 to... etc etc) and then make them an offer. Then as before it's them that are shutting the door, not you. And besides, you might even get what you asked for! 


Conclusion - never be a "Yes doormat" or a "No aggressive", negotiate instead(but not ALL the time, or that could get a bit annoying!) 

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