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Negotiation Skills Tip 4



Be nice

Decide to do it

Instead of yes or no

The most important thing to prepare

How to practice without risk

Never go beyond your walk away point

Don’t open first

Instead of complaining

The Flinch

Is it OK to lie?

Why you need a good pack of tradeables

Negotiating internally

Reasons for not negotiating are all false

Walking away – really mean it!

Planning your opening offer

Preparation! Often in real life negotiations (either at home or at work) we don't have time to prepare, or it seems like too much effort, but preparation can make a huge difference to the outcome. Just think - would 10 minutes preparing for that car haggle make you another £100? If so, that's a good hourly rate!! The most important thing to prepare is your walk away point - you need to be absolutely certain how far you are prepared to go. If you leave this decision until you are actually in the negotiation you will end up paying more (if you are buying) or run the risk of taking too low a price (if you are selling). The other party will sense that you are weak because you have no "backstop" - and therefore lacking the strength that comes from having a walk away point..More about walk away points next time onwards and upwards!

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