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Negotiation Skills Tip 5



Be nice

Decide to do it

Instead of yes or no

The most important thing to prepare

How to practice without risk

Never go beyond your walk away point

Don’t open first

Instead of complaining

The Flinch

Is it OK to lie?

Why you need a good pack of tradeables

Negotiating internally

Reasons for not negotiating are all false

Walking away – really mean it!

Planning your opening offer

Practice without risk

The process is the same whatever you are negotiating for, so here are some ideas for practising: How about going to a car boot sale and making some outrageous opening offers? Maybe for things you don't even want, to start with, and then later for things you DO want (a bit more scary, but you can do it!) Or having a look around a few shops and when the sales person asks if they can help (how I hate being hassled in shops!) ask how much one of the items is - when they tell you, exclaim that it's quite a lot and although the item is really nice it's more than you were planning to spend - could they reduce the price at all? If they do reduce it, try asking for money off a second time. If it feels as if you are going to have to actually buy it, say that it's really tempting and you're going to have to check with your wife/husband about it and come back.­ If you see something in one shop that's more expensive than in a previous shop - negotiate! After all, you've got an excellent plan B: to walk away and buy it in the cheaper shop. In fact, if you find it cheaper in the second shop, don't buy it, but go back to the first one and negotiate, just for the practise. But remember, you're not allowed to tell the expensive shop that it's cheaper elsewhere - that's cheating - you have to negotiate as if it wasn't cheaper anywhere else, because next time that might be the case. 

Good luck - and have fun

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