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Hi everyone - here's something I hope you'll find useful, maybe today or later this week: Preparation pt 2!  Your walk away point is the most important thing to prepare. But this month I want to say Never go beyond your walk away point!! However small the amount. For example, the asking price for a car is £8,800 and your walk away is £8,750. The person selling it won't come down. What should you do? Walk away!! But it's only £50 I hear you say. Yes I know, but that's not the point. You MUST walk away! Even over one pound!! Why?

a) because your walk away point is set at 8750 because that's what the car is worth to you - so if you pay 8800 for it you are losing £50 on the deal. You are paying 8800 for something that's only worth 8750.

b) because all your psychological strength comes from the ability to walk away, and you can only do this if you have a clear point at which you will walk.

c) if you go beyond your previously-set walk away point you are effectively saying to yourself "When I have a walk away point I don't really mean it, and I'll probably go beyond it because I'm weak and spineless". This is not a good start to your next negotiation! Think how much better it will feel to go in thinking "I can walk, and I will, and I know I can, because last time I did". You know you can, so they know you can, so you'll get a better deal from them.  d) if you are still unconvinced, then just trust me! I'm right!Look in any book on negotiating!or: ignore this advice and see what happens.......

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