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Negotiation Skills Tip 7



Be nice

Decide to do it

Instead of yes or no

The most important thing to prepare

How to practice without risk

Never go beyond your walk away point

Don’t open first

Instead of complaining

The Flinch

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Negotiating internally

Reasons for not negotiating are all false

Walking away – really mean it!

Planning your opening offer

Here's a very simple tip which will make you / save you a lot of money if you remember to do it. Both at home and at work.

Don't open first!

If you can get them to make the first offer it's probably better for you, because their offer might be good news.


Whatever it is you can exclaim that it's not enough / too much (depending on whether they are buying or selling) and you can also tailor your counter-offer accordingly.

So next time the kitchen salesman asks you how much you are planning to spend, don't tell him your budget (worst answer of all), and don't even make an opening offer, but ask him what he's got. Describe what you want and ask how much it'll cost.

Alternatively you can just avoid opening: a phrase I like is 'It depends'.
For example: ' It depends what you can tempt me with....'

That's it. Now try it!

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