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Speaking in public is feared by more people than spiders and death!

Build your confidence by some or all of the following:

Positive thinking: imagine the talk going really well.

Preparation, especially of the first minute. Plan it carefully, make notes on it, run through it, practice it. Once you've started you're on a roll.

Precautions: have spare pens, overhead slides in case the powerpoint projector fails, more than one disc with your presentation on in case one gets corrupted etc.

Get the room layout exactly how you like it, even if you have to cause a fuss with the hotel staff or delay the start of the talk. You're in charge!

Chat to people as they arrive for your talk, rather than lurking nervously at the back or at the front.

Ask the occasional question during the talk, to check that they are with you.

Remember that you know more about the subject than they do, and that if someone does ask a question that's too hard for you then it's OK - you can always just say that you don't know the answer!

Plan your finish so your talk doesn't just fizzle out at the end.

Finally, remember that everyone gets nervous. It's normal. And the audience will either not be able to tell that you are nervous or will be on your side because of it.

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