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Presentation Skills Tip 11


Overcoming nerves

Microsleeps and what you can do about them

Making your presentation interactive

Adjusting your timing

Powerpoint pros and cons

Making your talk interactive

Powerpoint what could go wrong?

Powerpoint advanced tips


Your opening minute

How to remember your talk

How to remember your talk?

===============O Ways I don't like:

Reading from a script,

trying to memorise a script,

cards (bit too "Best Man")

or reading out everything from an OHP

or PowerPoint

===============O Ways I do like:

A4 page with big bullet points resting on a table in front of you or to the side, or resting on the floor / on a chair in front of you. Or even maybe held in your hand (though it might shake a bit if you have a problem with nerves)

Notes written very lightly in pencil on the flipchart before you start

Notes on a little post-it on the edge of the flip chart stand, so as you stand to the side of it you can see the note, but the audience only see it edge on

Cued by the bullet points on your visual aid (in my opinion, the best way)


PS - fame: is it worth anything really?
I've been feeling a bit bitter about the TV programme Speed Up Slow Down since it's remarkably similar to a proposal that I sent to the BBC a while ago - guru sorts out various people's time management in order to make them happier, sort of 'life make over'. Only of course my programme would have not had such an incredibly high Cheese Rating. But as I was thinking about how I could have been famous, one of my daughter's friends (age 15) suddenly stared at me and said "I saw you in the Bournemouth Echo..." (I'm in the business section occasionally, big colour photo, when I do talks to local business clubs, you know how it is) "...when I was cleaning out my rabbit!". So there you go. Fame is a rabbit using your expensive and artistic studio portrait as a toilet.

still, onwards and upwards!

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