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Project Management Tip 1


Blow your own trumpet

Be assertive at the start

What is a Gantt Chart?

Avoiding people problems

Listing all the tasks

Internal projects

How to discover the key project driver

Three methods of project costing

Why I love Gantt charts

Three ways to handle uncertainty

Overspend or underspend?

Why PM is difficult

My instant guide

Why review?

Some eccentric PM abbreviations

What exactly is a PID?

Its never too late to plan

Why PM is good

Good questions to ask a project manager

Why not blow your own trumpet?

If you've got a Work Breakdown Structure, a network diagram, and a Gantt chart on your wall everyone will see that you have done the best possible planning and the project is under control.

Then you'll get the credit you deserve (unlike people who worked on Y2K - we all thought it was easy since nothing went wrong.

But then again, maybe it was....

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