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Project Management Tip 17


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Today's tip is: It's never too late to plan!

Let's say that you're half way through a project, maybe because someone else has handed it over to you, or you've only just been on a training course and realised that your project is a bit of a shambles. Is it too late to plan? Should you just limp through to the end of the project and get the next one right? No!!

Start from now:

Do a list of jobs still to do,
Put times on each one.Put them order in a diagram,
Make it into a Gantt chart showing time required and who will do what
Get it agreed by all stakeholders - will the customer(s) be happy with the plan if you deliver it, are the people available, etc.
Monitor and modify from now on.

There, do you feel better now?

Onwards and upwards then

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