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Project Management Tip 18


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Why PM is good

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Happy New Year everybody!!

Project Management has lots of draw-backs

- it's difficult, often impossible from the start, you only get noticed if you fail, often you are not really in charge of your team, etc.

So I thought I'd do a positive message this month:

Why PM is good:

Projects are "your own" - you have ownership, a certain amount of autonomy, and you get to finish them.

Feeling of progress towards goals - compared to running processes where they never end, just get harder!

Feeling of completion: projects always have an end.

Feeling of achievement: "We did it"

Team spirit.

Never a dull moment (OK, scraping the barrel a bit here. But then again, challenge is good, you know it is).

Transferable skill - you can run a project anywhere once you know about Gantt charts and how to delegate.

Variety of tasks within a project - projects often have lots of variety - technical, financial, people, problem solving, etc.

Experience in commercial, technical, and "people" will be useful for senior management or self-employment later.

So there we are - you're lucky!

welcome to 2005!


PS - start of a new year, here we go round again, same old stuff etc, but then again you might like to ponder "What do I want to be different this year?"

and then, following on from that,
"What will I do differently, what sort of effort am I prepared to make, in order to make it happen?"

Clearly, if you don't DO anything different then nothing will BE different...

onwards and upwards!

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