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Project Management Tip 5


Blow your own trumpet

Be assertive at the start

What is a Gantt Chart?

Avoiding people problems

Listing all the tasks

Internal projects

How to discover the key project driver

Three methods of project costing

Why I love Gantt charts

Three ways to handle uncertainty

Overspend or underspend?

Why PM is difficult

My instant guide

Why review?

Some eccentric PM abbreviations

What exactly is a PID?

It’s never too late to plan

Why PM is good

Good questions to ask a project manager

Make sure you get all the tasks listed in your plan  - if you miss one it'll make you go late and over budget.

Use both sides of your brain  - the logical half by doing a structured tree of tasks, - the creative half by brainstorming.


Also use other people's brains - ask experts or people who have done it before what they think of your list of tasks - have you missed anything? that's it. Only a quick one this time, but useful I hope.

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