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Project Management Tip 6


Blow your own trumpet

Be assertive at the start

What is a Gantt Chart?

Avoiding people problems

Listing all the tasks

Internal projects

How to discover the key project driver

Three methods of project costing

Why I love Gantt charts

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Some eccentric PM abbreviations

What exactly is a PID?

It’s never too late to plan

Why PM is good

Good questions to ask a project manager

Internal projects are still projects and should be managed as such. Just because your customer is your boss, or is unclear, it is still a good idea to:
  • define the objectives very clearly, in terms of budget, timescale, and what exactly will be delivered.• write a plan including what is involved, who will do what, how long each bit will take, Gantt chart, assessment of risk etc.
  • get it signed off by your boss or the project sponsor or whoever the project is for - to say that this is what they want, and if they get it they will be happy. If you don't know who to get to sign it, then worry!
  • monitor costs allocated just to this project and report progress regularly, probably monthly, to the above person review at the end Do it properly from the start. If you fudge things and hope to keep a low profile you'll end up in trouble! 

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