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Customers are unlikely to buy from someone who they don't like - so how can you make them like you? Three main ways: Be nice, (be the nicest person they've ever met. Friendly, smile etc) be similar to them, (appearance, clothes, level of smartness, style of talking, even body language, calm, or enthusiastic, talkative or quiet, serious or jokey etc)  and make them feel important - by listening to them and being impressed by them.  Compliment the customer - maybe their office, their car, their position, their knowledge of the subject, their products, maybe there is something in their office begging to be commented on: a trophy, or a photo. Maybe you'll have to be more creative and spot a book on their shelf that you have read and enjoyed. If you don't comment on anything you are effectively saying you're not interested in them as a person, just as a potential sale, and/or that you can't find a single thing about them or their office that you think is good. Not a good start to the meeting! Selling - is it too dodgy, is it a necessary means to an end, or is it a way to make your customers have a nicer day and to help them to make the right choices between the ways that you can help them to improve their business performance?? onwards and upwards!

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