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**** Scientific Selling ****

Of course selling is mostly about relationships, but the numbers are important too.

Have you measured the number of phone calls you make compared to the number of visits you get? Is this ratio improving or getting worse? Why?

Similarly have you measured the number of visits compared to the number of sales made? Is THIS ratio getting better or worse? Why?

Another calculation that you might find interesting, particularly if you are on a bonus system, is to say:

1. How much do I want or need to sell (or earn as my bonus) this year?

2. How many orders do I need to get in order to achieve this?.(you'll need to know the average size of order. Do you? I hope so!)

3. Therefore how many visits do I need to make during the year?

4. How many visits is this per week?.(I hope the number is physically possible!)

5. Therefore how many phone calls do I (or if you have someone helping you "we") need to make to get these visits. Calculate a total for the year and then work it out per day.

6. Work at the above rate, or faster.

Remember: the numbers never lie. You have to face them.

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