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The Sales Tightrope

Selling is like walking along a tightrope, (a big wide easy one), in that you must be careful not to fall off, and falling off just once, at any point, is enough to lose you the sale.

For example, if you're not prepared, you'll fall off at the start

Similarly if you arrive late

The next place where it's easy to fall off is if they don't like you (see a previous tip)

If you arrive on time, well prepared, and they like you, then you can get to find out what they want. If you don't discover their needs, then down you go!

I know this is all sounding rather hard, but these things are easy to do.

Once you've discovered their needs you finally get to show them how you can help them (you will have been wanting to show them your product or service from the start, but you have waited till now, which is good. After all, showing them something that they don't want is not going to be a good idea)

The end of the tightrope is in sight. The other places where you might fall off are:

...... not finding out about objections or worries that they might have (they might say "I'll let you know" and then not buy from you because of some fear that is unfounded and which you never got a chance to explain)

....... failing to close. failing to ask for the order. What a shame to fall off at this late stage! But people do. Mainly because of fear of rejection -what if they say No? Well it's better to ask if they want it than to leave saying "Call me if you decide you want it"

....... finally, failing to follow up. Maybe they need to ask their boss, or maybe they won't be able to decide till the new financial year. And then, if you don't phone them at the agreed time, you'll have blown it on the last step, after all that work. Amazingly this is a common place to fall off the tightrope. So - write the next step in your diary, and however soon it feels, call them on that date!

Easy steps, take them in order, don't miss one, and you'll be fine

onwards and upwards!


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