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Hot buttons

The five E’s of networking

Never tell them they’re wrong

Apparently everyone has a "hot button" - a subject that excites them, turns them on. Your job is to find it, and talk about it with them. You may be able to find it just by noticing clues around their offices (lots of pictures of half-built cars might be a bit of a clue...) in which case to not mention it would be bordering on rude. You may have to spot clues in the opening conversation, like their reaction to questions about family, previous jobs, holidays, etc. When you hit the right thing their face will light up.

Can a person have no hot button? I don't know. It may mean that you just didn't find it.

Some people also have a "work hot button", a reason why they will buy. (This is not the same as work being their hot button, which can also be the case, but is just sad!). (No, only joking - no need to e-mail me to say you love your work and what's wrong with that. The answer being nothing, though loving your work is not the same as it being the only thing you love. This is getting deep!)

Their work hot button may be saving money, looking good, getting more business, being different, etc. - and again, your job is to find it. You can do this by asking questions like "Why did you buy your last one?" and "What do you like / not like about your existing one?"

I wonder what yours is?

Good luck in finding out theirs

onwards and upwards


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