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Last one before I go away for a few weeks. Hope you can cope without a tip until I get back!!

The 5 E's of Networking.

OK, so you've been to some sort of social / work do and got talking to some interesting, who maybe you like (heaven forbid!) and where there might be some work-related possibilities (WRPs) at some point. Here are my 5 Es:

Excuse - when you meet them and are talking with them, find an excuse to contact someone. Some information they want, or something you'll send them.

Efficiency - have lists of who to keep in touch with and a system that reminds you to do it regularly.

Even if you don't want anything from them, keep in touch.

E-mail - the best way to keep in touch without being too pushy.

Exceed their expectations - send them something that will really impress them, and remember a tiny detail that they mentioned (e.g. dogs name and birthday, partner's favourite food or football team, etc)

that's it for now

upwards and onwards!


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