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Personality Drivers.

We all have the following, to various degrees:

Hurry Up.

Be Perfect.

Please Others.

Be Strong.

Try Hard.

Hurry Up makes you try to fit too much in, always planning for the future but not having time to smell the roses of today.

Be Perfect makes you spend too long on silly things that don't really matter, and the risk is that you don't have enough time to do the important things at all.

Please Others makes you worry (and feel guilty) about what other people might think, instead of doing what YOU want to do. Do you only do the housework before you have visitors? Aha!.

Be Strong makes you hide your emotions and is therefore a barrier to good relationships with others and a cause of bottling up of stress.

And Try Hard is to do with expecting to fail and a bad self-image leading to pessimism; and when you expect to fail you are more likely to. The phrase 'I'll try' means you've already given up!.

If you have any (or all!) of these you know what to do:

Hurry Up: take time to relax, leave earlier to you arrive early, go for walks etc.
Be Perfect: allocate limited time to things that are not important, let the details go.
Please Others: put time aside for yourself, have clear personal goals that will encourage you to spend time on doing what you want to do.
Be Strong: make an effort to display emotion and let the tough facade down occasionally. Play with children or dogs, do childish things like ride on funfairs etc.
Try Hard: tell yourself that you CAN do it, tell others you are going to do it, visualise succeeding, judge yourself by results not effort.
Remember: these are not for judging others, they are for improving your own performance.

Food for thought I hope..

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