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Time management Tip 18



Four levels of time management

Self discipline and assertiveness

Making goals into action

Did you ‘achieve’ and ‘enjoy’ today?

Poem: My hands were busy through the day

New year’s resolutions that work

Junk calls

Looking forward 5 years

Action versus activity

My top ten

Personality Drivers

Bunch of grapes

Ideas of beating procrastination

Putting up a sign

Money won’t make you happy

Interruptions – some ideas

Interruptions - less time or later

Beating procrastination at Christmas

Planning the year ahead

Examples of efficient systems

Deciding what’s important

Laziness – the root of all problems

Why box 1 is bad

Take time to…

Welcome to the afterlife

Writing everything down

More on interruptions -

..people perhaps have a right to ask for some of your time right now, or a lot of your time at a time to be agreed, but not both (lots of your time right now). 

So unless it's a massive crisis, you should resist people who ask for lots of your time right now.

If it's not urgent, suggest a time to meet and work on it properly (even if the time you agree is only in a couple of hours from now you've still gained control, and you've sent an important signal). If it is urgent, say "OK let's do it now", but set a time limit ("I've only got 15 minutes, is that OK?")

Regain control!

onwards and upwards.

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