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Hi everyone

I'm supposed to be doing a Project Management tip next, but this one can't wait. Because now is the time of year when efficient people are getting their Christmas presents organised!

Just think how good you'll feel when December arrives and you've already got all the presents bought, even wrapped, on the top of your wardrobe. Less stress, and less crowds when you're shopping. And they won't have sold out of the best things... And you won't have to listen to all that Christmas music while your doing it!

The usual beat-procrastination principles apply:

1.  Put time aside for it in your diary. Dedicate next Saturday to it, for example...

2. Break it down into easy chunks. For example today you could write a list of who's going to get a present from you. Then later you could start putting what against each person, and then tick them off as you get them

or method 3:  take the plunge.

Just go to Argos or Ikea, or a local Craft Fair, or wherever, and buy lots of things that are suitable, and then decide later who'll get what.

method 4:  bribery.Get some nice things for yourself while you're there.

method 5: make it easy. Don't even get out of your chair! There are some great internet sites like: and, or for CDs, DVDs, and books you can't beat:

method 6: visualise a negative future: do you want to be frantically trawling the crowded sold-out shops on Dec 23rd, buying a load of rubbish because you've run out of time?

method 7: visualise a positive future: how good will you feel when your friends are complaining about it and you've got it all done!

so there we are,

Time Management and Christmas.

onwards and upwards


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