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Hi everyone - and happy new year, welcome to 2004.

Here's a game: write down on a piece of paper how good 2003 was out of 10.
Now write down how good 2004 will be.

Go on, you've got to actually play if it's going to be any fun.

From this I think you can learn a couple of things: are you an optimist or not? And: 2004 probably won't be better than you've just put down. Go on, change it to a ten!

Anyway, back to my Assertiveness tip (although you may have noticed that it's already started!)

What's going to be different (and of course better!) for you this year?

2004 is currently a blank page waiting for someone to write on it. Will you decide what gets written, or will you let other people write all over it for you?

Now's the time to get some better resolutions that just cutting down on the booze - are there some scary things you would like to do? Some things that will take you outside your comfort zone a bit? Coming out of the comfort zone is the best way to a) learn and b) get a sense of achievement.

The role of assertiveness in all this is that it's very hard to think big if you secretly don't feel you deserve it. You DO deserve it! (How does it feel to say to yourself "I'm going to be/do x, and I DESERVE IT"?)

Of course the price you have to pay in exchange is to do the work - to confront your fears, behave differently from your habits, and overcome the biggest difficulty of all: laziness.

More later!

onwards and upwards!..

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