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Hi everyone. Warning! Sad Alert!

For some reason it's uncool to be efficient, and all you "cool people" out there (who are always late and waste lots of time forgetting things - OK then, be cool, it's up to you) won't like this one. There follows a list of wacky ideas for being more efficient - but you don't have to use mine, the point is that whenever you get a recurring annoying problem, make a system to stop the problem. You can do it! OK here's the list...

Recurring problem.
Community nurse spending lots of time writing up notes outside the patients' house and then typing them up later.
Possible solution.
Check list with tick boxes, with comments section at the bottom if required.
Also: Quicker to compare visit reports since all same format.

Recurring problem.
Having to think and spend time packing a travel bag.
Possible solution
Duplicate of everything, always kept in a bag ready

Recurring problem.
Shampoo left in hotel shower.
So no shampoo in bag at next hotel.
Possible solution
Compartments in bag.
Also: Can find things quicker

Recurring problem.
Photocopying handouts takes ages.
Possible solution.
Get a great big laser printer.
Also means: Better quality, easier updating of notes, cheaper, more reliable

Recurring problem.
No scissors in my desk.
Possible solution. Buy lots more scissors so everyone and every room has a pair.
Also means: Less time wasted by the others coming in to my office to borrow

Recurring problem.
Forgetting folders or some other part of a training course.
Possible solution.
Laminated card in boot of car

Recurring problem.
Everything in the laundry basket, no clothes left. Huge pile of laundry on kitchen floor, to be sorted when smelly, then has to wait for several loads of the washing machine.
Possible solution.
Two small laundry baskets, one for whites, one for coloureds. Also means:
Not running out of shirts because they are all in the wash

Recurring problem.
Phone calls put through to the wrong person - wasting my time.
Possible solution.
Give a tree chart to reception so they know what to ask and where to direct calls.
Also means:
Improved customer service.

Recurring problem.
Going out and forgetting to take things.
Possible solution.
Table by front door where "things to take" can be put.

Recurring problem.
Visiting friends, leaving wallet or phone behind.
Possible solution.
Leave car keys with wallet and phone - so you can't drive away without them all

There you are - now it's your turn.

PS - any good suggestions, do please send them to me. They could form the basis of a future e-mail. I'll credit you, or not, whichever you want!

Onwards and upwards


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