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Hi everyone.

In The Road Less Travelled (classic book by Scott Peck, well worth a read) the author says that Laziness is at the root of every problem. But is he right?

Well, leaving aside the many big questions like 'do we put enough effort into sorting out the problems of the world?', (and he might be right about these!) and just looking at our own day to day lives, he might be right about these too.

Just think about the many "evils" that we are tempted by - too much TV, not enough exercise, burgers etc, and compare these with the dwindling "old fashioned" pleasures like reading, cooking (as opposed to heating something up in the microwave), writing a letter with a fountain pen on good paper, "hobbies" (whatever they were! - but they usually involved patience and skill) - there seems to be a common theme of us increasingly taking the easy option. Often because we're "too busy" to do the quality things any more.

What would be the quality things that you would do if you were a bit less lazy? Maybe more exercise, get really good at a sport, or a language, or some other area of self development?

These are the kind of things that would really improve the quality of your life, but somehow you just can't - or is it won't?? - fit them in. It's much easier to just put them off for a bit.

In fact laziness, or lack of self-discipline which is pretty similar, is at the root of procrastination too.

So my time management thought for this month is have a PERSONAL CAMPAIGN AGAINST LAZINESS. Plan something unpleasant into your day, each day!

Write it into your diary, put some time aside, promise a friend that you'll both do it, or whatever, but just put 15 minutes into your day of stuff that you know is good for you but which you are resisting.

The thing you are resisting most is probably the one thing you will benefit most from!

Onwards and Upwards!

CC..PS - I've just been for a 15 minute run, and although it felt like it might kill me it felt kind of good too, and that's my "15 minutes of pain" for today. I feel quite holier than thou now. I think I'll go and watch Wimbledon on TV... (don't mention football!).

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