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Welcome to the afterlife

Writing everything down

Hi Everyone,

I heard this on the radio (the programme was “That Mitchell and Webb Sound”, radio 4 Thursdays at 6.30 – completely hilarious) and thought of Tip of the Month. I hope you like it!

(I'm sending this twice because the first send crashed out after the first thousand people. Still getting this software sorted! So if you were in the first thousand, then apologies for getting it twice. But we can't deprive the other two thousand of it can we?) Of course, there's no way of knowing it'll work the second time either, but I'm going to try it again. There's no way to test whether it can cope with large numbers except by trying a real send...

Silky voice: “Welcome to the Afterlife”.

“Am I dead?”
“Yes, that’s very much the point of the afterlife. Hence the name.”

“So – are you going to judge me?”
“Oh no, that’s God’s job. We’re only the recorders, strictly non-judgemental. We’re just here to let you know how
you did in achieving your life’s work.
And the final result is. 7,345 out of a possible 128,312”.

“What’s that?”
“That’s the number of times you managed to beat your computer at solitaire”.

“Yes, you know, Patience - Red queen on Black King, all that stuff”.

“But that wasn’t my life’s work!!”
“Hmm…. wasn’t it though?

It was definitely the single activity to which you devoted the most time and effort whilst on earth. We’ve got the figures. Why, what did you think it was?”.

“I don’t know – my career, my family….”
“That’s more in the category of ‘stuff that just happened’ Yes, the one driving force in your life to which you returned again and again like Ahab pursuing the white whale was trying to beat your computer at cards. Nothing else came close. That’s where you really put the hours in”.

“How many hours?”
“Ten thousand, three hundred and twenty nine, or about a year and a half” “Which considering your died at 29 is really rather impressive”.

“No, it can’t have been that long”
“Well, we must admit we were rather surprised. Still, at least you had a lot of fun”.

“Not really, it was just something to pass the time”
“Oh well, look on the bright side, it worked. All the time you had has now been successfully passed. Well done you!”


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