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Time management Tip 27



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Writing everything down

“Three places”

This months Time Management tip is that you must write everything down in one of three places – either on your master list (this is a big list of everything you’ve got to do) or on your daily list (this is a short jobs to do list) or in your diary.

The exact form of the three things doesn’t matter, for example your master list could be on a computer, on a whiteboard, or on a piece of paper. Your daily jobs to do list could be on a PDA (Palm organizer) or on a post-it note or written in your diary. Your diary could be Outlook on your PC, could be a filofax, whatever you like.

But the point is that everything should be written down in one of the three places. If it’s a big thing and you don’t quite know when you’re going to do it, put it on the master list. If it’s a quick thing you’ll do today, put it on the daily jobs to do list. If you know you can’t do it till Wednesday, or you’re going to do it on Thursday when you’ve got some spare time, put it in your diary.

Some big things (on the master list) can be broken down into smaller chunks and then the first part can be put either on your daily jobs to do list or in your diary. That will help you get started on them..But without all three you’ll never really get control of the complicated life we all have to live..that’s it! Simple, and will only take you 5 minutes a day.

onwards and upwards!


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