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An idea for making a link between your long term goals and your daily life:

1. Make a list of the key areas in your life (sport, work, family, playing music, charity work, gardening, friends, whatever)  

2. And then for each one list a few goals or improvement ideas. So if it was gardening you could have "make a pond" or "get the lawn to look really great".

3. Then from each of these improvement ideas you could put something on your jobs to do list, just a small task that will make a bit of progress, like "investigate local suppliers of pond liner" or "buy moss killer". You'll end up with maybe 6 main life areas, x3 = 18 improvement projects which will lead to 20-30 jobs to do, but the good thing about these jobs is that they will be proactive, not reactive. Fix leaking gutter, or pay red phone bill, also have to be done, but they are reactive and won't get you nearer to your ideal life. These 20-30 jobs will. Work could be done in more detail in a similar way - what are your main areas of work and what are some jobs you need to do in each one? 

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