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Time management Tip 4



Four levels of time management

Self discipline and assertiveness

Making goals into action

Did you ‘achieve’ and ‘enjoy’ today?

Poem: My hands were busy through the day

New year’s resolutions that work

Junk calls

Looking forward 5 years

Action versus activity

My top ten

Personality Drivers

Bunch of grapes

Ideas of beating procrastination

Putting up a sign

Money won’t make you happy

Interruptions – some ideas

Interruptions - less time or later

Beating procrastination at Christmas

Planning the year ahead

Examples of efficient systems

Deciding what’s important

Laziness – the root of all problems

Why box 1 is bad

Take time to…

Welcome to the afterlife

Writing everything down

If life is about Enjoy and Achieve, then important things are either fun or lead to something you are trying to achieve (or both). Make a list of the things you have done (or spent time on ) today against each one put a tick if you enjoyed it against each one put a tick if it achieved something (or was a step towards achieving) so - how did you do today? anything that doesn't get a tick at all: why did you do it? Is there a way that you can avoid doing it next time, or at least spend less time on it? I wonder what it would mean if you gave scores out of 10 instead of just ticks, and then looked at your day in that way? Will tomorrow be better? hmmm

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