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Hi everyone - welcome to 2002 Most people have resolutions that don't work - to drink less, or give up smoking, or try to get more exercise. The examples I've just given are doomed, the first two because they are phrased in the negative (your subconscious can only visualise things that are phrased in the positive, like to drink orange juice or to be able to say No to cigarettes) and third one because it has the word "try" in it. Try means you won't really do it - you are already planning to fail and to then say "well, at least I tried". So what would good resolutions look like? 

Either  1 big serious goals, written down. Unlike my examples above, these should be end products rather than processes. In what way do you want 2002 to be different to 2001? What do you want to achieve this year?What do you want to spend more time doing? If you can add plenty of details to your vision of how you want the year to be, that's great.Don't worry about how you will achieve it - that will all sort itself out. 

Or 2 detailed plans. Not just "to get some exercise" but how you will actually do it. What time of day? What type of exercise? Where will you go to do it? Which gym will you join? how much do they charge? When will you go and sign up? etc Clearly this is quite likely to happen.

1 + 2 Ideally you would do both of the above - have a big plan and the detail of how to get there - but I personally feel that either 1 or 2 would be a pretty good start. More than most people have. You may want to structure your goals for the year into the main areas of your life - these could be for example work, family, physical, emotional, travel, sport, self-development - whatever. Remember - you get what you imagine. So --- is 2002 going to be a good year??

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